Silence Complete Reviews & Consumer Reports

Tinnitus is an annoying condition that lets its sufferer hear ringing or other noises that has no apparent sources. The cause of Tinnitus may vary but the end result is still the same. Many people thinks that Tinnitus has something to do with the ear, but a medical librarian discovered what he believes is the truth and ended up creating Silence Complete.

Silence Complete is an innovative product that promises to fix the real cause of tinnitus and as a supplement, continue to benefit the body’s health to further protect him from related diseases.

Silence Complete Overview

Tinnitus is believed to actually be a manifestation of a bigger problem that’s located in you brain. Apparently the brain’s cells are not communicating properly and the noise you are hearing is actually from the brain cells failing to communicate with each other.

Silence Complete works by attacking the source of the Tinnitus. Composed of all natural ingredients whose nutrients are able to calm, heal and maintain brain cell networks, it promises to be able to fully stop Tinnitus.

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Information and Claims of Silence Complete

Silence Complete is the brainchild of Lloyd Greenfield, a 56-year old medical librarian from Stanford, California who was also suffering from Tinnitus. His case almost led him to commit suicide. He eventually asked multiple doctors and medical experts for help but no one seems to be able to help him. He did, however, find out that Tinnitus isn’t caused by something in the ear, but something in the brain.

He eventually met Dr. Steven Campbell, another sufferer of Tinnitus who solved his own case by using a secret method only a few doctors know. Eventually lLloyd wanted to share the formula to everyone. With this knowledge, the two decided to create Silence Complete in hopes of sharing the cure for everyone suffering from Tinnitus.

How Does it Work and Ingredients List

Silence Complete, as mentioned earlier, is made up of all natural ingredients that calms your nervous system, while it repairs and rejuvenates the damaged brain cells and prevents other brain problems, like Alzheimer’s, from ever happening.

The ingredients for this product are:

  • Hibiscus and hawthorne berry. They help stop the ringing noise by calming down the nervous
  • Olive leaves. As protection to the brain, they make the networks of neurons stronger.
  • Niacin or B3. They help repair damaged brain cells, and also help prevent any further damage while preventing memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Garlic. It is known to improve the memory a lot and protects the brain from dementia.
  • Combination of juniper berry, green tea, uva ursi, and vitamin C. They help rejuvenate the brain cells at the same time protecting the brain from deterioration caused by aging.

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Is Silence Complete a Scam? Does it really work?

Majority of the reviews of the product online attest of positive results about the supplement. There are however a number of testimonials that say it is a scam.


  • Its ingredients are all natural.
  • There is no need for prescription as it is a supplement
  • It goes directly to the root cause of tinnitus
  • It is a pill that is very easy to swallow.
  • It works quick.


  • It can only be bought online only.
  • Results vary among users.


How do I use it? Take the supplement twice a day, in the morning and evening, to benefit from the nutrients all day.

Any precautions? Check the ingredients for possible allergies.

How much time to see improvement? Results may come as fast as a few days, but may vary between individuals.

Any Possible Side Effects? No side effects have been reported as yet.

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Silence Complete Price and Where to Buy?

Silence Complete can be purchased online for just $69.00 per bottle, a set of 6 bottles for $294.00, and  a set of 3 bottles for just $177.00. Do remember that Silence Complete can only be purchased online and there are no other places offering

Silence Complete Final Decision

This may sound too good to be true but if you do have Tinnitus this might be a great time to try out the supplement. Silence Complete promises to get rid of Tinnitus, while keeping your brain healthy!